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The GNASH league allows both scholastic and co-op teams to play in its league. Scholastic Teams are defined as all players in attendance at the same school, with a minimum of 12 players.  Co-op Teams are defined as players in attendance at one of two schools where one school contributes at least 8 players and the other school at least 4 players.
GNASH does not actually participate in the formation of teams but rather accepts applications of teams that meet the above criteria.  If you believe your school has at least 4 players interested in ice hockey and you would like help finding another school to co-op with please send your school’s contact information to for posting on this page.  If your school does not have 4 players to contribute to a GNASH team then you may want to contact A-Game - in years past they have had a high school aged team for those players attending a school without a GNASH team.  
Why can’t just one player join a team?
The GNASH Board (comprised of members from all current teams) has looked at this proposal, which would require a change to its current bylaws, several times and voted against it. The consensus of the Board has always been that they want to continue to strengthen the league with scholastic play and the only exception is an approved co-op made up of two schools.

Co-Op Due Dates  (2013-2014 SEASON)

June 15 – Intent to co-op form submitted by team-based school in co-op. 
June 20 – EC approves and distributes the form to be completed by schools seeking to form a co-op team. 
June board meeting – Board determines maximum number of teams that the league can have in the coming season. Number of allowable co-ops is determined by subtracting the number of scholastic teams from this total.  
July 5 Each team seeking to be approved as a co-op team shall send the completed application, a preliminary roster and any other required documents to the GNASH Registrar. 

July 7 The Registrar will distribute the submitted co-op packets to the Co-Op Committee. 
July 15 The Co-Op Committee shall review each application and make a written recommendation for approval or denial to the Board for each application, without regard to the number of teams that can play in the league that year.
July Board Meeting The Board votes to grant preliminary approval to a co-op team application or deny. 
Fifteen days following July Board Meeting If a co-op team application is not approved, each school that was to be part of the co-op team has 15 days in which to file an amended application with the same teams or seek to submit a new application with a different team. 
Seven days prior to the September Board Meeting The Co-Op Committee shall review each revised application and make a written recommendation for approval or denial to the Board for each application. 
September Board Meeting The Board votes to grant preliminary approval to a revised co-op team application or deny. 

Schools Looking for a Co-Op

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