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Inclement Weather

In the event of Inclement weather, if the rinks are open then GNASH games will be played as scheduled.  

We ask that everyone use their personal judgment and if the road conditions are not safe for travel then please stay home.  The safety of our players is more important than a sports event.

If teams determine they want to reschedule their game due to inclement weather please refer to the procedures on the website.  The league will waive the 5 day notice in the interest of safety.


From our FAQs:


If school is canceled is our game canceled?

No, unfortunately GNASH cannot cancel games due to inclement weather. With ice scarce there would be no way for us to reschedule games and no way to pay for that additional ice if we could get them rescheduled.




So are you saying that no matter the weather conditions I should try to get to the game?

Absolutely not. Everyone should use their personal judgment on when road conditions are safe enough to drive. We are simply saying if the rink is open, then the game is on.


From our rescheduling procedures:

If a team needs to reschedule their game, they must complete ALL of the below steps 5 days prior to their scheduled game day. (5 day notice is waived due to inclement weather but costs are still incurred by the team)

1.  Obtain approval from all teams involved in the rescheduling.
2.  Obtain approval from the GNASH Scheduler - Ken Premo
3.  Obtain approval from the security coordinator -Ken Premo
4.  Obtain approval from the referee organization Andy Campbell at
5.  Send all approvals to the commissioner and scheduler John holmes AND Ken Premo
6.  Obtain final approval from the commissioner
7.  Communicate confirmation of the change to the statistician (so change will be reflected on the website), scheduler, referee organization, security, and all teams involved.

Failure to follow through on all steps 5 days prior to your game day will require your team to either play as original scheduled or forfeit and incur the cost for the ice, security and referees.


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