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Bridgestone Game Procedures


Bridgestone Game Procedures


The 2013-14 Hockey season is underway and Bridgestone Arena is proud to host the GNASH high school hockey league. This season GNASH will play 9 games on the Bridgestone Arena ice, as well as the All-Star game. All players and families are expected to abide by Bridgestone Arena rules at all times.

Please be sure to communicate to your teams that ONLY the 20 rostered players playing in your game and your rostered coaches will be allowed into the locker room.  If your teams roster is over 20, just like if you were playing at Centennial or A-game, those players must sit in the stands.  The difference here though is that those players cannot accompany your team to the locker area.  Please understand that this is due to two factors.  First in many cases the locker room space available for us will be extremely limited. The Predators plan for 20 players and only 20 players per team.  And secondly, there is no approved path from the locker room into the stands.  As you may already know, movement behind the scenes when NHL Officials are on site is strictly controlled. The only approved path is directly onto the ice.


RESPECT THE STAFF AND THE BUILDING when your team plays at Bridgestone Arena.  This reminder goes out to the coaches, players, parents and fans, you are not only representing yourself, you are also representing your team, your high school and high school hockey.  It is a privilege to play on the same ice as the NHL pros, and we want to make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience. 


Also, a reminder that at EVERY game you play regardless of which rink, EVERY player MUST have on their helmet at ALL times. It must be completely on the head as it was designed with the strap fastened.  This includes goalies.



All on-ice participants (including refs, coaches, players, penalty box and scorekeeper volunteers) will need to bring the attached waiver signed when they arrive, leave ‘witness’ blank. These waivers are ‘day of event’ so you will need to complete a waiver for each time you participate. The Preds will have extras available should you forget

Parking & Entrance

Beginning 45 minutes prior to your game complimentary parking will be provided in the Grand Ave Garage on 6th Ave located between Broadway and Demonbreun attached to Bridgestone Arena.

Once you park, please enter through the double doors on respective garage floor to access elevators. Take elevators to the Event Level for check-in and locker room access. Family/friends may watch from section 104-107, please take elevators to Level 1 when you enter.  Small children must be supervised at all times.  Cameras are permitted.  Concession stand and pro shop will not be open.


Players/coaches Info

Players and coaches should arrive no earlier than 45 minutes prior to the start of game. Only team staff (coaches, team managers, etc.) and players playing in the game will be allowed access to Event Level, changing area and on the bench during games.



No one will be permitted to sit behind the player benches.  Please remind parents, fans and scratched players to only sit on the side OPPOSITE the player benches in Sections 104-107.

Scorekeeper, penalty box, pucks, etc

Teams are responsible to provide a volunteer for respective penalty box and score keeping and clock operator.  Teams are also responsible for supplying pucks and water bottles.

After the Game

The team manager for the home team will need to send the scoresheet to the GNASH statistician, either fax to 1-866-436-5065 or scan and email to no later than the day after the game.  Leave the white copy at A-Game or Centennial at your earliest convenience.

Lastly, please remember it is an privilege to play at an NHL facility, especially one as busy as Bridgestone Arena.  Unfortunately recently we have received feedback from building staff regarding uncooperative coaches, players, refs and spectators.  Your actions not only represent yourself, but your team and the GNASH league.  Keep in mind that Bridgestone Arena/Nashville Predators staff are doing the best they can within a building not setup for this type of use. Enjoy yourself but please respect all staff you come in contact with so we may continue this opportunity for all.


GNASH Bridgestone Pre Game Ice Schedule


All teams are to arrive one hour prior to game time. Players, parents and spectators may enter Bridgestone Arena through the street level of the 6th Ave garage.  The main doors will not be open during High School games.

Player / Coaches Guidelines:

1.        Only players and coaches who will be on the bench are permitted in the locker room area

2.       All players and Coaches who will be on the bench need to sign the medical release waiver and bring it with them on the day of the game

3.       Teams must bring pucks for warm ups

4.       Each team is responsible for 1 penalty box rep, and will need to sign the medical release waiver and bring it with them on the day of the game

5.       Post game all teams have 40 minutes to clear the locker rooms

6.       Teams must be ready to take the ice 10 minutes prior to scheduled start time

 Any questions please contact Andee Boiman, 615-770-2372 or



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