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2011 College Information

Old Miss - Recruitment Letter - website

What we look to foster at the University of Mississippi is a healthy balance between school and hockey. As a participant in the ACHA, we hope to foster an environment that allows players to pursue degrees for life after college while they continue to play the game they grew up playing and loving. We truly believe in helping these young adults further develop into young men. Through the hockey program at the University of Mississippi we provide students structure and a purpose to keep their studies going.  If students would like additional information on the program they can visit our website at:  They can also fill out a recruitment form through our website which will allow us to get in contact with them directly.  Program point of contact: Colin Knight, Ole Miss Ice Hockey Recruiter,

2010 Four Players sign with Bethel College for new In-Line Hockey Team

Ian Mangold from Franklin High 

Blake Williams and Drew Layne from Centennial High

Evan Reams from Mt Juliet High School

USC - Recruitment Letter - website

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