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ALL-STAR DEADLINES 2014-2015 Season

All-Star Game - TBD




NLT 10/31 the Board shall set the date of the All-Star Game
30 days prior to date of All-Star Game the coaches shall be requested to nominate players. (See “Nominations” for details)
10 days after nominations are requested the coach’s nominations must be turned in
 5 days after nominations close the commissioner will review and raise any questions with the Executive committee
14 days prior to the All-Star Game voting ballots are sent to head coaches. (see “Voting Process” for details)
 8 days prior to the All-Star Game voting ballots are due

Each GNASH Head Coach nominates from his team 3 forwards, 2 defensemen & 1 goalie. There are no rules preventing the nomination of an underclassman to the team – the coach’s are free to nominate the best players from their team. 

Voting Process:
Each All-Star team will have at least 21 players.  (6 defenseman, 12 forwards, & 3 goalies)

Head Coaches only vote within their division using a 6 point scale for defenseman, a 9 point scale for forwards, and a 3 point scale for goalies. In other words they give the best defenseman 6 points, the next one 5 points, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1.

Coaches are ONLY allowed to vote for players that are NOT on their team.

Every team will be represented by at least one player – any adjustments necessary are made by the Commissioner.

There will be at least an additional One (1) player chosen as a "Commissioner's Choice"

The top vote getters make the all-star team – the process is overseen by the President, Vice President and Commissioner.

No player with an un-served suspension may play in the All-Star Game. If a suspended player is voted for a slot on the All-Star team the suspended player will be replaced by the next eligible player.


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