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Score Sheet & Clock Instructions

GNASH Special Rules  2013-2014 season
Game Reporting

The WHITE copy of the scoresheets need to be left in the following locations at the conclusion of the game:

A-Game - Front Desk
Centennial - Skate Rental
Bridgestone - fax to 1-866-436-5065 or scan and email to, leave the white copy at A-Game or Centennial at your earliest convenience

Teams can also post final game scores on the GNASH facebook page.

Note - Home team is responsible for providing  the scoresheet and Clock Operations, the Visiting team is responsible for the completion of the scoresheet during the game


1.     Plan to be at the rink one half hour before game time.

2.     Obtain a blank score sheet.

3.     Place your stickers on all 4 pages of the score sheet

4.     Fill out the score sheet Heading:

·         Circle             Home if you are the home team

·         High School   Place a check in the box

·         Date               The date the game is played

·         Game #          The game number found on the league webpage

·         Division         North or South, Blue or Gold

·         Time              The time the game is scheduled to start, end, & curfew

·         Arena             The location the game is being played on 
                       (A Game – A Game Sportsplex or Plex-Centennial)

·         Surface          The rink the game is being played on
                       (A or B for Centennial, 1 or 2 for A Game)

5.     Give the score sheet to visiting team coach/manager and ask them to fill out the player roster for their team with name and jersey number on all 4 pages – the players should be listed in order by jersey number

6.     Signatures are required from each coach prior to the game. This is to verify that the roster is correct.

7.     The remainder of the score sheet can be filled out as the game progresses.

8.     When a goal is scored, fill in the Scoring section for Home and Visiting teams:

·         Per                  The period the goal was scored

·         Clock Time     Time the goal was scored              

·         Goal                The number of the player who scored the goal

·         Assist              The number(s) of the player(s) assisting on the goal 
                         (2 players max)

·         Type                Indicate EV for Even Strength, SH for Shorthanded, 
                        PP for Power Play, EN for Empty Net, 
                        EA for Extra Attacker, PS for Penalty Shot

9.     When a penalty occurs, fill in the Penalties section for home and/or visiting teams:

1.     Per                  The period the penalty occurred

2.     No                   The number of the player with the penalty

3.     Offense           Description of penalty – interference, hold, high stick,  rough, trip

4.     Min                 Length of penalty in minutes

5.     Off                  Clock time when penalty was given

6.     Start               Time the penalty started (will be the same as Off column, 
                       unless there are already 2 penalties being served, 
                       then the start time will be when the first penalty expires)

7.     On                   Clock time when penalty is over  (either when the other team
                        scores, or the penalty time expires)

10.  Other entries to be made during the course of the game:

·         Scoring By Periods - Sum of goals scored per period

11.  Goalkeeping

  • Starting Goalie - enter the jersey # for the goalie starting the game
  • If the team changes goalies during the game, note the new goalie's number and the period and time on the clock entering the game 
  • Shots - number of true shots on goal – see below
  • Saves – number of saves the goalie made per period


12.  The Score Keeper must print his/her name in the designated spot, a phone number is helpful as well, in case there are any questions when the scores are being entered

13.  The Referee must print and sign their names on the score sheet

14.  White copy - to the League

15.  Yellow Copy - Home team

16.  Pink Copy – Visiting team

17.  Gold Copy - Referee

18.  When the game is complete, turn the white copy in at Skate Rental at Centennial, and at the front desk at A Game Sportsplex; for Bridgestone Arena games, fax a copy to Sandi Chadwick at 1-866-436-5065 or email a scanned copy of the scoresheet to, no later than Monday morning, and turn in the original at A-Game or Centennial at your earliest convenience.      






1.  Shots on Goal.  The first requirement is an understanding of what constitutes a “shot on goal”. To begin, let’s assume for the moment that the goaltender is not protecting the goal. A shot on goal is defined as only those shots that will enter the goal if the goaltender does not protect the goal. The point here is that a shot which is deflected, batted away or otherwise prevented from entering the goal would be considered a shot on goal only if that shot would have entered the goal had it not been for the goaltenders save. If the shot is deflected, batted away or otherwise handled by the goaltender, but would not have entered the goal had the goaltender not interfered with the shot, the shot is not considered a shot on goal.  Shots which hit the cross bar, or are wide of or through the crease markings or over the net are also not shots on goal. In any given game, a particular goaltender will tend to handle all shots on or near the goal. It then becomes the problem of the “shot clock person” to decide, in each and every case, whether the shot was on goal or not. Was it or wasn’t it… Conclusion: If it’s a close call, call it a shot on goal… In this way, the goaltenders stats are not degraded because of an erroneous call. This is admittedly not correct but maybe the best we can do under the circumstances.

2.  White Copy.  EVERY white copy should be left at the rink (at A Game they go to the front desk, at the Plex they go to the skate rental) – the ONLY exception would be if your team is hand carrying the sheet to Sandi Chadwick the next day (for Wednesday games that means delivering them to HCA where I work on Thursday morning, for Friday games that means delivering to my home in Mt Juliet on Saturday mornings)

3.  Pink Copy.  EVERY pink copy should go to the visiting teams REP or MANAGER or COACH

4.  Yellow Copy.  EVERY yellow copy should go to the home teams REP or MANAGER or COACH

5.  Goldenrod Copy.  EVERY goldenrod copy should go to the referees (this is especially important if there is a suspension – if the ref doesn’t want it that’s fine but please offer it up)

6.  Team Names.  When filling out the scoresheet do NOT use the words “Home” or “Visitor”, also do not use “H” or “V” , use the team’s name or abbreviation for their name

7.  Goal Types.  Every goal needs to have the type of goal noted; even strength (EV), power play (PP), empty net (EN), short handed (SH)

8.  Delayed Penalty when a goal is scored – beginning the 2009-2010 season, if there is a delayed penalty, and the non-penalized team scores, you will record the goal, as well as the penalty.  The penalty will not need to be served, just recorded.   This is a rule change from USA Hockey, and will have an impact on the 5/15 rule.

9. 2 and 10 penalties.  The infraction should be on its own line with its 2 minutes, followed by the misconduct on its own line with its 10 minutes.  The 10 starts after the 2 is over so please pay attention to the start and end times

10.  Game misconducts.  If a player is ejected from the game please note it as a 10 minute game misconduct penalty – this is our prompt to inquire about a game report for suspension review for the commissioner

11.  Jersey numbers.  Check the website. If your player numbers are incorrect, you will need to provide us with the corrections ASAP.  All stats are entered by number NOT player name.  If you have someone that is simply wearing another jersey for that game please neatly line through his usual number and handwrite their substitution number – we have to be able to read both so we can accurately make the swap.

12.  Game Rosters.  EVERY player on your roster MUST be on EVERY game sheet – neatly line through those that are not playing (again we have to be able to read the player being lined out).  This is especially important if you have someone serving a suspension.

13.  Suspended players & coaches.  Every suspended person MUST sign the scoresheet at the conclusion of the game in order to get credit for serving their suspension.  Normally their signature should appear next to their lined out name with a “susp” notation next to it. If space does not allow this then please call our attention to the signature by also printing the suspended player or coach’s name with a “susp” notation next to their signature somewhere at the top of the sheet.

14.  5/15 rule – if a player accumulates 5 penalties in a game, including 2 and 10 (which are recorded as 2 separate penalties, see #9 above), that player is assessed a game misconduct (a 6th penalty for that player), and removed from the game immediately.  That player will need to attend the next scheduled game, but not play, and sign the scoresheet at the conclusion of the game.   If a team is assessed 15 penalites in a game, the coach will not be allowed on the bench for the next game.  He will be required to attend the next scheduled game and sign the scoresheet at the conclusion of the game to get credit for the suspension being served.  If a player does not sign the scoresheet, it is assumed that the suspension has not been served and the player is not eligible to play until said suspension is served.  The suspensions are posted on the website, but it is each team’s responsibility to know if a player has a suspension to serve, even if it is not posted.



Download the instructions for all 3 rinks

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