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What Jersey Does the Home Team Wear?

The Home Team wears their Light Jersey.




What Jersey does the Away Team Wear?

The Away Team Wears their Dark Jersey.




Who is responsible for the Scoresheet?

 The Home Team is responsible for providing a qualified Adult to complete the scoresheet during the game.




Who is responsible for the Game Clock?

The Away Team is responsible for providing a qualified Adult to run the game clock during the game.




Can a team provide an announcer, music or a program for GNASH games?

Yes, but home team has the first option.




Who is responsible for fan adherence to the Code of Conduct?

Everyone is responsible for their own actions at the rink. GNASH does pay for security officers at both rinks who have the authority to remove unruly fans.  Team Leadership including Team Manager, Team Representative, Team Coaching Staff, and Team Alternate Representative all have a duty to help bring violations of the code of conduct to the rink security guards attention.




My stats are incorrect.  Who do I talk to about getting them fixed?

Stats are entered based on the official scoresheet but statisticians are human and mistakes can happen. The first step is contact your Coach or Team Manager. They will check the error against their copy of the scoresheet.    If an error occurred during entry the Coach or Team Manager will contact the Statistician and ask for a correction.




Who is responsible for the penalty box? Can our injured player be our attendant?

Each team is responsible for providing an Adult attendant for their penalty box. This Adult should be carefully selected as they should have the temperament for helping players to diffuse and return to play. The attendant is an off-ice official and at no time should a Penalty Box attendant enter into conversations with the referee or engage the scorer or timekeeper with other than penalty time related questions. They also must refrain from making loud noises while serving as attendant. An injured player may not serve as a penalty box attendant regardless of their age.




How old do you have to be to serve as an off-ice official?

ALL off-ice officials (scorekeepers, timekeepers, and penalty box attendants must be at least 18 years old.




So if I am an off-ice official, I can’t cheer for my team?

You can cheer for your team BUT your conduct, including your volume, should not be disruptive to the game.




Who has to wear a helmet on the ice?

All players and coaches are required by USA Hockey to wear a helmet while on the ice for any GNASH scheduled event at any playing facility.




We can only roster 20 players for a game; can our excess players sit on our bench during the game?

No. Only rostered players can be on the bench during the game.




Some of our Team's jersey numbers are wrong on the web. Is this a big deal? What should we do?

All stats are entered by number not by name so yes this is a big deal. If a jersey number needs to be corrected notify us immediately. If a player has to wear a TEMPORARY number for a game please be sure to list his number as it appears on the web, line through it so that it is still readable, and then hand write the TEMPORARY number for this game.




We have a player who is not playing in a game. Should we leave him off the scoresheet or should we include him and line through him?

EVERY player on your official roster needs to be on EVERY scoresheet. If they are scratched, neatly line through them. We need to be able to read their number so they get scratched in the game stats.




We have a suspended player. What is the procedure for proving he sat out his required games?

Suspended players (and coaches) should be on your game sheet with a line through them and a note of “Suspended" next to their lined through name. Suspended players (and coaches) must sign the scoresheet in a clearly visible place (either at the top or within the names section) at the CONCLUSION of the game.




Game sheet stickers - what’s the protocol?

If you use stickers rather than handwriting your roster, you must provide 4 stickers (one for each copy of the scoresheet.) The sticker can ONLY cover the player section. If you are also including your coach’s name, CEP level, CEP number and expiration year on your sticker, then your sticker can also cover the team official section. Be sure that you designate on your sticker which coach is Head Coach. Include all players on your roster. Line through any scratched players (not playing that night, suspended for that game, injured, etc). Players should be in listed in order by jersey number with goalies listed out of order at the bottom and designated by a G. Your team Captain and up to two Alternates should also be designated with a C or A as applies




Where can I get the game number for scoresheets? 

The game number can be found on the website on your team’s “Team Schedule” page




Where do I put score sheets after the game?

The Home Team turns the white copy in at Skate Rental at Centennial and at the front desk at A-Game. For Bridgestone Arena games, fax a copy to Sandi Chadwick at 866-436-5065, or email a scanned copy to,  and turn in the original white copy to Centennial at your earliest convenience.




Will the league reschedule a game in case of a team, travel team, or school conflict?

No the league will not reschedule your game.  Your team does have the option to coordinate a schedule change though.  As long as all teams involved approve a change to the scheduled game and all logistics including scheduler and statistician notification, rink ice time scheduling, rink ice time release, security scheduling, and referee scheduling are worked out prior to the change.  Teams must provide the commissioner with proof all logistics and approvals have been obtained – Commissioner has final authority for approval of ALL schedule changes




We have a suspended player, but it isn’t listed on the website, does that mean he is can play?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. A team with a suspended player has the responsibility to ensure that that player sits out the required number of games. In the event that a suspended player was to play in game while on suspension the team could have to forfeit. You cannot use the excuse that the suspension was not up on the website. In order to serve a suspension the player is required to be present for the entire game but they cannot be on the bench. The player must also sign the scoresheet AFTER the game either next to their name or at the top with a notation that they were serving a suspension. All GNASH suspensions must be served during the next scheduled GNASH game(s).




Where can I find the current USA Hockey Rule Book?

The link to the current USA Hockey Rule Book can be found on the website on the Rules page




Where can I find the GNASH Special Rules for this season?

The link to the GNASH Special Rules for this season can be found on the website on the Rules page




When is the last day to add players to a roster?

January 15th is the last day to add a player.  Be sure to check the Registration Info section of the website for a list of all required documentation to register a player.




How many games must a player participate in to be qualified to participate in the play-offs?

Each player must play in 50% of the regular season games to qualify to play in the play-offs.  If a player does not meet this requirement they can apply for a waiver. Check the “Where is that Form” section of the website for the required form.  Waivers must be submitted by January 15th.




If school is canceled is our game canceled?

No, unfortunately GNASH cannot cancel games due to inclement weather. With ice scarce there would be no way for us to reschedule games and no way to pay for that additional ice if we could get them rescheduled.




So are you saying that no matter the weather conditions I should try to get to the game?

Absolutely not. Everyone should use their personal judgment on when road conditions are safe enough to drive. We are simply saying if the rink is open, then the game is on.

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